Homeschool Typing

Sometimes it's hard to find a homeschool typing program that will work for your child. Some programs are too hard and some are too easy. Using a computer software program is the easiest option. We have tried various programs over the years but most of my children developed their own way of typing (much to my chagrin).

Recently I was able to review a program called Keyboard Classroom. It is a computer software program but it also has one unique feature. It comes with guides! It's very simple to put these guides on your computer keyboard and they help keep your children's finger in the right places. With other computer programs there is really no way to know that your children are hitting the right keys with the right fingers unless you stand over them for every lesson.

Keyboard Classroom was developed by teachers 23 years ago, so it's definitely been tested and refined and is now endorsed by homeschool parents. You can read my full review at Homeschool Typing.

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