How About Some Foo Foo Bunny Ideas and a FREEBIE?

Easter isn't really a holiday to be celebrated (or at least taught about) in public schools these days, but I would be remiss if I didn't bring a little bit of Bunny Foo Foo fun to the forefront of my student's imagination!  I couldn't believe, yet again this year, how many of my students had NEVER heard Little Bunny Foo Foo!  The number seems to get smaller each year, but there are always 40 more children who learn it every year in my neighborhood.  Little Bunny Foo Foo is a fascinating rhyme to children--not sure if it's the boppin' that is going on or if it the good fairy who gives lots of chances, but, either way, it is a GREAT interactive rhyme to teach children of all ages.  It is also easy for children to reenact over and over and add their own "flair" (and we all know that kinders got flair!). 
After all of my children were turned into goons, we had to come up with a way to bring back those darling, little bunnies.  So, we made bunny ears and personalized the rhyme with our own names, what else?  Hop on over to my blog to find out everything we did for some fabulous, Foo Foo fun..I provided you with a link to a GREAT, quick video that brings it all to life and, in true Monkey Business fashion, a FREEBIE so that you can do this adorable photo project!  I hope you have as much fun as we did. 

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