How Do We Fit Fine Motor Work in for our Students? A Freebie to Help!

With the increasing demands of academic standards, there are many vital pieces of the kindergarten curriculum that are getting overlooked or "pushed out" of the curriculum.  As educated professionals who are in the trenches, teachers see on a daily basis the continuing need for more and more fine motor activities to build stamina and strength in our students' little hands. 
One of the ways I provide fine motor work (combined with some learning, of course!) is through a weekly (more often at the beginning of the year) project that I call Pokey Pinning.  The students use push pins to poke tiny dots right  next to each other on the lines of whatever design I choose through their paper on the rug.  We practice letters as well as sight words and sometimes (gasp!) even a holiday or seasonal themed freebie.  The results??  A magical design that can be seen when taped to a window or held up to a light. 
The students LOVE this project and so do I because it becomes the quietest, most relaxing time EVER in my classroom...that is until someone's hand begins to hurt (which will be your youngest or weakest children who NEED this type of work even more!) and they start to complain. 
You may not believe this, but, one of my 5 year old wonders invented an intervention ENTIRELY on his own to help him and others work through the pain of overworked muscles.  It is such an obvious answer to this problem, just one I had never even considered or thought of...leave it to a 5 year old to figure it out!  Come on over to MMMB to read all about it AND to grab an End of the Year Pokey Pin FREEBIE!

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