How Much Time Do You Spend Grading?

I know when I taught self-contained third grade, it seemed like I was spending way more time than I would have liked grading at home on the nights and the weekends!  Well, I came up with a system for the students to help me out in a way that they could, all while receiving immediate feedback on assessments.  While the tip I have recorded below may not work for your grade level, students, or with your district policies (which I do suggest you check out first), it worked like a charm for me and saved me a ton of time from grading - which as I am sure you do as well - ends up filling up with time finding bigger and better lessons rather than getting the R&R I thought I would have - lol!

Enjoy the video below, and if you head over to The Organized Classroom Blog, you can also pick up a freebie eBook (it IS Freebie Friday after all) filled with even more ideas from other teachers as to how they minimize their grading time too!

I would love to hear how you try to keep the grading from piling up and taking over your life outside of school?  Tell us in a comment below!

Thanks and Happy Friday!

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