How To Schedule a Blogger Post

Hi everyone!  Charity Preston, from The Organized Classroom Blog here!  Many of you know that I also run several other sites, including Teaching Blog Traffic School.  Well, I realized that I was sharing some great blogging tips with my members there, and that there are some fellow bloggers here at TBA and beyond that might also benefit from some quick and easy blogging tips.

SO - Blogging Tip Thursday has been born!  Every Thursday, I will try to post a fun little blogging tip that may help you out along your blogging journey.  I hope you will enjoy this new segment.

This week's tip will show you how to schedule out your Blogger posts to go out at a time you determine in the future.  Why do you need to know how to do this?  Well, you know the weeks when you are insane at school and at home?  If you know you have one of those weeks coming up, write your blog posts ahead of time and schedule them to go out when you are the busiest.  Scheduling is number one in my book!

Hopefully you enjoyed!  A HUGE thank you to Leslie at Kindergartenworks (and here of course at TBA) for designing my super cute "Fairy Blogmother" Logo above.  I think it is perfect.  :)

I am curious - how often do you actually sit down and schedule your blog posts to go out at a later day and/or time?

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