Howdy... My name is Farley

I can't believe I am here...
I am on TBA
Oh My Guacamole
well for those of you that don't know me...
HoWdY... my name is Meghan Farley
but you can call me Farley!
I am from

I have been teaching 11 years!!!
10 in 3rd and finishing up my first year in 4th
I struggled with how to introduce myself to you so that you walk away knowing ME....
so I bring to you 11 things about Farley (thank goodness I haven't been teaching for 30 years...right?)
#1 - I married my high school sweetheart and we have been married for almost 13 years.
#2 - We have a super cute, over the top smart, and fashion forward little 3 year old boy named Drew.
#3 - 3 is my favorite number
#4 - I was born in Mississippi but have lived in the San Antonio area of Texas for 32 years.
#5 - My favorite authors are Chris Van Allsburg and Kate Dicamillo.
#6 - I like to make up my own words like fabulistic, cray-tacular, and snarkasm.
#7 - I am a plus-sized, fashion loving, blinged out, flip flop wearing kinda girl.
#8 - My favorite subjects to teach are Writing and Reading.
#9 - I love to doodle, create, and re-purpose things... pinterest is my FRIEND!!!
#10 - I over use .... and !!!! and I like telling it like it is with a swirl of snarkasm (snarky sarcasm)
#11 - I think everything is better with glitter... well except grits but you get the idea!!!

Well I hope that fills you in a little...
but let me sum it up for you...
just in case :)

I am called Farley by all of my teaching buds. I get a little kick out of being a creative word inventor. I  graduated to 4th grade after a decade teaching in 3rd!!! Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade is a blog overflowing with freebies, strategies, and sarcasm. I try not to hold back on my opinions and write from the heart. I am a plus sized, glitter loving, doodle draw-n, kind of girl . I have a super AH~mazing kiddo and  I married my high school sweetheart.  I lack proper sentence structure because of my over use of.... and !!!! and last... I am way OVER the MOON to be here!!!

yep I think that about does it!!!
so nice to meet you and I look forward to the next time
I already have my gears a spinning thinking of what to post next.... yay (insert super happy giddy face)

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