I Took the 5-Star Blogger Challenge

I accepted and met The Organized Classroom Blog's 5-Star Blogger Challenge by offering a Biography Lapbook Template for free. Lapbooks are so versatile, and students love them because they are something different. Anything to get them away from the grind of just writing, filling in the blank, and shading bubbles seems to get them excited. And lapbooks offer just such an opportunity. I used this one throughout a biography unit my students are doing right now. We are doing one person a day and adding in their foldable, writing three important facts about that individual inside. At the end of the unit, I plan to allow them to use the information they have compiled in the lapbook to complete the assessment.

The template can be used for the biography study I have included, or you can modify it to cover any topic you are studying. Visit Sub Hub to get the free download.

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