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This evening, I felt the need to sit down and tell you more about myself and my family. I was born in Northern New Mexico, and spent my first two years on the Navajo Reservation. My grandpa (my dad's dad) ran a trading post in Northern Arizona. We were the only white people for miles around. My dad's family was rather close with the Navajo and Hopi people. So much that they had learned both languages, received Navajo and Hopi names, and even participated in their ceremonies. 
Back then, my parents believed that I wouldn't receive a quality education living there. So we packed up and moved to Utah (where the majority of my mom's family is from). There are times, when I wonder if I would've learned just as much there as I did here. I'm not talking about just in school, but from the Native Americans.
From time to time, my family will travel back and forth to visit the reservation. Since my dad's family was so close to these people, I had heard stories from them that seemed interesting. There is one, in particular, that I have been inspired to share with you.
 One day, I was speaking to a really nice Navajo lady. She was a grandma. She had told me that her grandson had came home from school one day, with a picture that he had colored of a snake in his backpack. She asked her grandson, "Why do you have a picture of a snake with you?" He explained to her that even though he had told his teacher that he believed it was wrong to color the snake, she still asked him to color the picture anyway. Now, this Navajo lady explained to me that animals should be held in the greatest respect because they are the ones who help provide us with food, clothing, and shelter. She had also explained that by coloring an animal is like putting shame to it.  I had never heard someone speak so sincerely and respectfully about nature, as she had that day. 
 I would like to leave you with this thought...

Let's be more mindful, not just of the people of this world but with the creatures in it too!

Happy Earth Day!

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