I wasn't supposed to be a teacher...

I wrote a high school English essay entitled, "I Will Never Be a Teacher." So, instead, I earned my degree in Magazine Journalism and Fashion. I worked in London and New York City for a very well-known fashion magazine (sounds like the letter "L").

After all my energy and savings ran out EVENTUALLY I came back down to my college town of Athens, GA and started subbing in elementary schools. About five days into subbing, I had enrolled again at UGA to earn my Masters in Early Childhood. And I have never regretted a moment. Funny how things work out!

My name is Maxey and I am the author behind The Loco Teacher. AND I am a new author here at TBA (thanks Tamara and Leslie!). 

I am an elementary ESOL educator.. I work with my ELL's in ALL grades - Kindergarten through 5th grade. What I talk about over at my blog spans a lot of age groups and content. My blog is a way to share what I have learned, am learning, and need to learn with the world (along with the crazy things my mini-locos do and say).

In my crazy world, it's a lot of kids, a lot of needs, but a whole lot of fun!

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