Inclusion in Your School

A big topic in my school has been 

and how we can best serve our students.

Since I teach special ed as a resource teacher, this has become extremely important to me and how I serve my students.  My school has 4 special ed teachers (we're a big school with over 900 students).  One teacher has a K-5 self-contained classroom with students who are mainly on alternate assessment.

The other 3 special ed teachers are resource teachers.  We started this year with me doing resource for K-3.  One of the other teachers serves 4th grade and did it mainly in a co-teaching setting with all the special ed student who were not on consult being in one gen ed classroom.  The other teacher serves 5th grade and pushes into 3 classrooms daily to support those students.  Since I have so many different grades and students come from so many different classrooms, I have served my kids through pull-out.  Eventually, my caseload became so high that we had to divide up K-3 last month.  Now we all have 2 grade levels each.

We're not quite sure how we will serve our students next year.  Our district is moving towards inclusion and keeping the students in the gen ed classroom.  I'm still not quite sure how to make inclusion work with my grade levels.  It's possible that next year I'll have K-2 but that's still 3 grade levels to support.

So this is where all of you come in!  I'd love to hear how special ed works at your school!  

Does the special ed teacher push into the gen ed classrooms?  
How long does the teacher spend in the classrooms?
How many grade levels are being supported through the special ed teacher?
Does your school use a basal series (weird question I know but it is important!)?
Do you feel like your school's set-up is effective?  
What would you like changed about how special ed students are served?

I'm excited to read all the responses and learn more about different ways schools provide services.

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