Interviews with Homeschool Authors and Product Creators

I've loaded three more interviews to the interview page on my website. Although there are lots of products out there that you can use for homeschooling, you don't always know what is behind the product and the author. This page will give you an insight into why these authors created the products they did and how they got started with homeschooling.

HomeScholar - Lee Binz helps with knowing how to teach homeschool high school.
Art Lessons - These master artists have created some great videos parents can use to teach art to their children. Parents can be assured that their students are getting the art instruction they need.
Unit Studies - Amanda Bennett (the queen of unit studies in my book) has answered some of my questions about unit studies. You'll find out how she got started, what she recommends for homeschooling, and links to view the unit study curriculum that she has created.

I hope you enjoy these interviews. :)

How to Homeschool

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