iPad Engagement

No, I'm not soon to be Mrs. iPad...LOL! However, this week I found the most engaging way to use the iPad to date! Somehow that STILL sounds like I am in love...well in a way, I am! With my newest App....Adapter...and iPad. Are you limited with the number of iPads available to your students? Are you using an iTouch or iPhone with students but minimally because all your kiddos can't see the screen? Are you looking for an ENGAGING way to teach skills to your students? Then come over to the Teachers Lounge to see what I found. It gave me goose bumps as I watched the student engagement level go through the roof! My mind has been racing with the possibilities of using the iPad in the classroom now that everyone can see the screen! Be sure to watch the video (recorded with my iPhone) to see the students using the App in action! It's not too late to try it with your students before the school year is over....


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