It's been quite a year!

It's hard for me to believe, but my blog, Sunny Days in Second Grade,  just had a birthday. I've officially been a blogger for one year! In that time, I've met the most amazing people, both readers and other bloggers. I'm part of the most amazingly energetic and positive community that I didn't even know existed just a year ago. I've also learned so much more than I ever thought possible about technical computer jargon. A year ago, I would break into a cold sweat at the mention of html coding. Now, I'm no expert for sure, but I can do a few little things here and there that get me giddy!

As I've related on my blog, I was at a crossroads of my career a year ago. I was finding myself quickly spiraling down into a very dark place. Negativity about what was happening to my beloved profession was creeping in and taking over my normally upbeat personality. I'm sure most of you have stories to tell about furlough days, frozen salary schedules, no pay raises, higher insurance premiums, cuts in benefits, new evaluation systems, elimination of tenure...sound familiar?   I was becoming consumed with this type of negative news and I knew I needed to make some kind of change. I was either going to find another profession, or I was going to figure out how to reignite my passion for my profession.

It took me about four seconds to know that leaving the classroom would also leave a hole in my heart that would never be filled with some other kind of job. So, I started blogstalking and I slowly but surely I found inspiration from bloggers all around the country (and the globe!) who were forging ahead and finding ways to put the children first and love their profession. It was a turning point for me. Shortly thereafter, I started my little blog. The line under my header says, "One veteran teacher determined to stay passionate about our profession". Truer words were never spoken. After 18 years in the classroom, I've gone through what I hope are my darkest days only to re-emerge a more energized, positive, professional educator looking forward to many more years of spending my days with the world's most precious natural resource - our children.

I think it's important for me to tell this story again because I want all teachers facing similar scenarios to know that you're not alone. Although my blog is dedicated to positivity, I want you all to know that I understand that it's not always sunshine and roses out there, but it's up to us to decide the path we're going to take. All of those things I mentioned above are still happening to all of us, but my blog is a place to focus on the good things that are also out there, for me and for you.

So, let's celebrate together! Come on over to Sunny Days to download some fun birthday freebies and link up if you've to a great post to share. Click the pic below to join the fun!

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