Keep 'em reading with sight words (Free flashcards!)

Every teacher or parent undoubtedly has a list of words that appear frequently in the classroom or home that the children quickly learn to read "on sight," even if they can't phonetically sound out the words.  For example, most kindergarten-aged children recognize the word "kindergarten" and can read it when asked, even though they likely just memorized how the word looks and are not actually reading each letter of the word.  The Dolch list of sight words is an internationally recognized list of 220 "service" words that many early childhood educators believe children should be able to read on sight.  The list is divided by grade level, going from preschool (called pre-primer on the Dolch list) to Third grade.  In my ongoing effort to help young children become confident and capable readers, I have been creating sight word flashcards following the Dolch list.  Today I proudly added flashcards for the Third grade Dolch sight words.
There are eight words to a page, so just print out the pages you want and cut apart the eight flashcards.  I recommend beginning with the preschool (pre-primer) and kindergarten (primer) lists, as those have the most basic words such as: the, as, and, or, but.  Once your child is familiar with those words and ready for a bigger challenge, you can keep on printing the First grade, Second grade, and (hurray!) Third grade flashcards, too.

Be sure to also check out my blog post today, which includes fun and easy ways to help children quickly master sight words, without the process becoming tedious.

I hope you enjoy these!


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