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Happy Wednesday everyone! I subbed in a 5th grade  classroom yesterday that was learning about the legislative branch. I heard groans from the students as I announced that we were going to watch a video. I think I may have even groaned internally as I read the sub plans. Students love videos,  but when they think of them as educational, then they want to having nothing to do with them, correct?

The teacher left me instructions to go to a website called Learn 360. Have you heard of it? It's a website full of videos to enhance your lessons. Videos can be searched by topic and even Common Core Standards! These videos are meant to engage students, enrich lessons, and help them excel. I can tell you that the video we watch yesterday certainly kept them engaged in what is normally thought of as a boring topic. Even I was engaged in the video!

Come on over to my blog for more info and a link to the website!

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