Lessons From The Middle Says Hello!

I could hardly believe it when I got the invite to be a contributing author for TBA! Thanks again for having me.

I'm a Grade 7 teacher and I live on Prince Edward Island, on the eastern coast of Canada. I have been teaching for 5 years now and have taught Grades 6-9. With grade level shifts, multiple closures of small schools, program changes, curriculum updates (and 2 maternity leaves thrown in for good measure) I haven't taught the same grade AND subject matter two years in a row, yet. That's good news, though! It means that we've gotten new Math and Language Arts programs in the last few years. It also means that I'm forced to be creative and roll with the punches. (It also means that I'm a mommy to two beautiful little boys.) That being said, I can't wait to just teach the same program and grade level two years in a row! In many ways I still feel like a brand new teacher, because the programs ARE new to me, although the curriculum is mostly the same. Next year's looking good...although the Social Studies program needs updating...you never know!

ANYHOW, again, I'm so happy to be here as a teacher-blogger on TBA. I just started my blog: Lessons From The Middle about 3 months ago and so I'm still new on the scene. I talk about lots of different things on my blog from math lessons to bullying, taking time out for yourself to Language Arts dioramas! It depends on the day. My goal, though, is to offer something useful and insightful to my followers. My blog is geared toward the middle grades, but there are lots of tips and ideas for all teachers. I hope you'll join me there and please, drop me a line!

I look forward to being a part of this AWESOME community of teachers!

Lessons From The Middle middle school lessons

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