Let's Make Some Parachutes!

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It is a simple and fun hands-on lab for students
that has been a big hit in my classroom for a few years!
It is a hands on lab where students build two sizes of parachutes and "race" them.
My favorite things about this lab are the teamwork required to make the parachute, the sharing of jobs required to test the paractures ("timer" and "parachute dropper") and the incorporation of math skills (collecting data in a chart, finding the average, graphing etc).

Part I: The Construction:
It all starts with the students each bringing in the plastic shopping bag and penny.
(All you need to provide is scissors, rulers, the string, and timers.)
They then independently build two sizes of parachutes (seen above). 

Part II: The Race
By "race", I mean experiment by conducting 5 trials of each parachute,
making sure to release them from the same height each time and accurately
time.  Followed by calculating the average time and speed. And possibly graphing the data.

But is sounds a lot more fun to say "race", doesn't it?

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