Lights, Camera, Action! Meet your Idols in Education!

Making Friends through Twitter on Storybird  Disclaimer: This post is All About Twitter...Only read this post if you wish to grow in your profession
My first step:
Open the Storybird book above... and read it.
Click Here for your Twitter Cheat sheet post.

I already have Facebook & Pinterest:

That's great!  How often do you engage, socially, on Pinterest?  Do you simply 're-pin,' or do you leave comments and interact to encourage discussion regarding inspiring content (pins)?

What about Facebook?  Besides getting ideas for your blog and increasing your traffic, how much dialogue to you actually exchange to enhance your professional practice?  Sure, you get great ideas... but do you challenge your colleagues in a positive manner, ask meaningful questions, connect with professionals you look up to, or begin to reflect on your own philosophy and methodology?  

I already have a Twitter account:

Yes... but how are you using it?  Do you simply post Tweets about your latest product or post?  Then, do you wonder why you're not gaining followers or getting re-tweeted?

Twitter is so confusing... I don't even get it:

Be a Twitter stalker for a while... I promise, you'll become addicted in only a moments time.

Please watch this short screencast below to get the 4-1-1 on Twitter lingo... it's really not that scary.

click play and hover your mouse in the bottom right corner 
to click and view the video full screen - tons of Twitter resources and tips!

Some cool people to follow on Twitter:

The Book Whisperer: Donalyn Miller: click here
100+ of the best authors: click here
Sir Ken Robinson: click here
My PLN: click here (a list of 40+ great educators)

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What can I add to Twitter that other people aren't already doing?

Share what other great people are doing... if it's worth 'pinning,' it's worth tweeting!
Also, if you have an iPad, I highly recommend getting Zite... ohhhh... it is so cool (but that's another post).  Click here to see Zite (free) in iTunes and click here to see the Zite site.

Most importantly... connect, communicate, and chat! -- 'social' network!

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