Little Miss Glamour goes to Kindergarten {and beyond}

Things I've done today:
          *wake up to puppy kisses.
          *grab my {big} cup of coffee.
          *check Facebook/twitter/Pinterest/blog.
          *call my mom.


I'm a new author on TBA!
And I am so excited to be here!!!
I've been teaching for 8 years and my heart is definitely in kindergarten.  My friends {and especially family} would say I'm pretty much still a five year old who's been trapped in an adult body.  But that's ok by me, it makes my job all the more fun to hang out with my peers!  ;)

My teaching style is very active.  We dance, we sing, we laugh, we cry, we create, pretend, think and explore.  I love a theme and find kids learn the best when science, social studies, math and literacy are all thrown in together and mashed up a bit.  Throw some glitter on top of that and I've got myself a great lesson!

If you're looking for {fun} activities, loads and loads of {freebies}, some {funny} kid stories and hopefully a {laugh} or two I hope you'll come share ideas and get to know me more at Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten!

{high heels encouraged but not required.}

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