Look At Those Supplies!

As many are already counting down the days until school ends, I have a fun and easy organizational tip for today in video form!

This idea was inspired because I know what it is like to have a beautiful wall of manipulatives starting out the year, and then 2.3 weeks later after the students have gotten ahold of the items, it looks like a train might have wrecked somewhere in your classroom.  Even when carefully asking students to put things back, they are not always the best listeners.

Keeping everything in clear containers really helps to contain the clutter and allow for a limited amount of materials to be out at once.  With this handy idea, you can even have students get out the maniupulatives needed, and then have them put them away again with little mess.

Check out the short 3-minute video below to see a new twist on an old idea:

Here is a closer look at the labels I created very quickly on my computer, printed out, and then used clear packing tape to attach to the box.  You could even place the label on the inside of the box, though I find that the materials (as students are cramming gently placing them back in right before lunch), will mar up the  label quickly if it is mad out of thin paper.  Cardstock or photo paper would be a better choice in that case.

Whichever way you decide, having everything in its place - and looking adorable when the theme matches the rest of your classroom really is worth the extra time it takes to set it up now.  :)

Enjoy and happy organizing!

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