Make Field Trips More Memorable

Have you ever felt like you really didn't expand on a field trip the way you should? I had that experience very recently. I've been teaching for 18 (yikes!) years, and I think I've been guilty of that for far too long. After a great field trip this week, my guilt finally got the best of me. We spent the entire day exploring a fantastic science museum and we saw and did so many amazing things but the kids were really only talking about the least significant ones, like the bus ride, the crazy big pigeons who tried to steal our our lunches and the giant shark replica they could climb on like a jungle gym. I was so glad they had fun, but I wanted them to remember the more significant aspects of the trip too. So, I came up with a great way to help students really process their experience through more than just a class discussion. It's also a fantastic resource to send home so parents can see field trips are well worth the time and money (hopefully!)

Here's a student example of one of the ideas. 
I just love how she captured herself from this perspective! 

Click {HERE} to stop by the blog to read a bit more about how you can expand on your field trip experiences and even grab the sheet above as a fun freebie to get started!


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