Math Activity Picture Directions for Kindergarten

Thanks to fellow online collaborators, I’ve got materials ready to go for my math zones (centers)! But, I have to admit, not only do I have to figure out how to keep all of my favorite downloads organized on my computer... With so many materials, I need to really capitalize on getting my kinders to focus on the challenge at hand and not to get lost in the “stuff” that I put out and make available.

So how, do I solve these challenges? Well, let me share how I created some picture directions to help my kinders understand the rules better and more quickly on their own. Mind you, they're five! And, we really are working on the whole reading thing... and until that falls into play, I've got to use picture icons to give directions and making them kinder friendly.

I created some direction sheets for each of the latest resources I am putting into the practice zone. I did alter a few activities to fit the needs of my kinders. For example, the original activity for 3D shapes is for identifying by name. I modified it since my kinders needed independent practice on describing a sphere, cylinder, cube and cone. Included also are addition and subtraction activities and getting to know the hundreds chart well. Isn't blogland amazing and the free resources incredible!?

So far, they've really seemed to help! I modeled one game of "Bump" with a direction sheet, I haven’t had to revisit the rules or procedures – really! (I honestly didn’t expect that!) I asked permission from each teacher to share these direction sheets that are based on their creations with you since I had originally only created them for my classroom. They all graciously said yes! But you'll have to stop by KindergartenWorks to get the link to each activity and see the Common Core substandards they each line up with as well!
(K.OA.1, K.OA.5, K.CC.7, K.G.4)

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