Math Journal Sundays ... Kicked Up A Notch

My math journals just got a whole lot more interesting!  Thanks to some FABULOUS ideas from Mor at A Teacher's Treasure, my journals are even more interactive.  I've started using her right side of the page / left side of the page strategies.  The right side of the page holds all the lesson information (in our math journals, this is where the foldables we create will be pasted).  All special notes, definitions, and examples will be here, too.  The left side of the page is for the students' thinking - student-friendly learning goal, what they know, what they learned, proof, and reflection.  The reflection has to be my absolute favourite part!  Even though we just started "the left side" this week, my students are already getting pretty creative with their reflections.

This week we completed foldables for order of operations and different kinds of angles.  I also included an interactive angle tool with our angle foldable.  The kids had so much fun making and measuring angles with it - and because we completed it using red construction paper, it was easy for me to quickly see who grasped the concepts, and who needed a little more assistance.

Come on over to my blog to read a little bit more about our foldables from this week - and see how my students embraced our new "left side" strategy.

Happy Sunday!!!


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