Math Journal Sundays

Ahhhh ... lazy Sundays ... LOVE them!  Do you want to know another reason I love Sundays - I LOVE sharing my math journal entries from the week.  We're just at the end of our numeration unit with factors and multiples, prime and composite numbers, and multiplication and division strategies (with decimals).  I wanted our foldables from this week to act as a good review before our test next week.

Our steps for division foldable was a lot of fun!  We used the mnemonic device "Does McDonald's Serve Burgers?" for our foldable (come visit my blog to see where I found this brilliant idea).  The kids really enjoyed this saying - so much better than the old "dad, mom, sister, brother" we used to use.  We added a few sample problems, and some definitions, and now the kids have a great resource for division in their journals.

We also added a foldable for operations with decimals.  For each of the operations we added a sample problem and solution, and a kid-friendly explanation of how to perform the operation with decimals.  This one will make a great review resource for the students.

Come on over to my blog to see how we made our foldables this week - and take a peek at a few more pictures.

Happy Sunday - hope it's a GREAT one!


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