Math Work Stations: Spring 2012

If you are like me, you are always changing how you do things in your classroom.  I have posted previously about how I use work stations in my classroom, but now I have an 'updated' version of some new things I have implemented this year.

This is a picture of where my stations are stored.  The magazine holders on the very top of the picture are actually labeled with concepts like number sense, geometry, measurement, computations, 99 & 100 charts, etc...  This is where I store my stations I am not using.  The baskets on top of the brown bookcase are baskets where my students turn in work, one for each subject I teach.  The larger baskets on the shelves are where my stations are stored.  Each basket has a laminated label {station 1, etc} that is attached to the basket with two zip ties.  All of these items were purchased from Really Good Stuff.

If students need additional materials to complete the station, I usually try to have everything in the basket.

Come check out my post where I discuss in detail how I make math stations work!

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