Meet Shelley Gray!

Hello! I'm Shelley Gray from Teaching in the Early Years and I am BEYOND excited to be one of the newest authors on TBA! For those of you wanting to know a bit more about me, here goes:

I began my teaching career in 2005 and have spent most of that time teaching grades 3 and 4. I love the challenge of creating excitement for learning and a feeling of success in all students. When it comes to teaching, Math is my one true love. To me there is nothing better than taking a student who dislikes math, and turning him/her into a confident, mathematical thinker who realizes how much fun it can be!

In 2010, after my second child was born, I received a huge promotion to "stay-at-home mom," and now have three little ones - ages 4, 2 and 10 weeks. I feel very lucky to be able to stay connected to and involved with teaching during my time at home through my blog, Facebook page, and my passion, creating resources for the classroom.

Speaking of classroom resources, here's a little springtime freebie for you in celebration of spring and Freebie Friday!

I look very forward to being a part of this amazing teaching community and connecting with fellow educators from all over the world!

 See you soon,

Teaching in the Early Years


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