Mother's Day - A Thematic Approach or Much More..?

I have always been drawn to teaching by the season - a thematic approach. I don't know why... Perhaps it's because in days gone by our calendar was governed by the seasons, farming, the church, special holidays etc. I guess nostalgia kicks in.

I love planning for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, spring, end of school year, autumn, Hallowe'en, Guy Fawkes and winter. Teaching takes on a whole different aspect when coupled with a theme. And it makes it so much more exciting for the children.

What I sometimes struggle with is the fact that we teach through the medium of these wonderful themes, but often forget to teach the true meaning behind the theme itself. And yes, I hold my hands up, I'm as guilty as the next person here.

Take Mother's Day for example. I use Mother's Day as an example for two reasons:
  1. We have already celebrated Mother's Day here in the UK as it's a religious thing held on "Refreshment Sunday", the Sunday smack bang in the middle of Lent in the lead up to Easter. It was March this year.
  2. In the USA Mother's Day is exactly what it says on the tin - a celebration of mothers. But what's behind it?
Hop over to my blog to find out how I'll be using Mother's Day to develop children's persuasive writing skills.

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