My Way or the Highway

When you get to school on Monday morning, your principal says that you have a choice to either stay at school and eat your lunch in the cafeteria (and you'll only have about 15 minutes to do so) or you can choose 3 friends to go with you out to lunch and you can have 90 minutes for lunch. Tough choice, right???!!!!????

I think for most of us the 2nd choice seems like the one we would take in 5 seconds a minute because it is a positive choice.

With young children, making choices is crucial for them in helping them to gain a sense of self. They are also wanting to test boundaries and this often turns into a battle of wills and a power struggle.

Offering your children 2 positive choices can make a huge difference both for the adult and the child. They can obey you and tend to the task you are asking of them and feel empowered because they are making a choice themselves.

There are 5 easy steps that you can follow to help you do this. You can also read about how to help children realize there are times you have to do things you might not want to do.

Hop on over to Heather's Heart to read more about how this classroom management technique can make a world of difference in your classroom or even with your own children. =)

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