New Author: Kinder Latino

I am very honored to be a new author of this wonderful community on TBA.  Thank you, Tamara and Leslie, for adding me to your team. I am over the moon excited and still can't believe that I am actually here:)

My name is Lidia.  I have been in bilingual education for 15 years. I have taught Pre-K, Kinder and Second grade. As a bilingual teacher, I have noticed the lack of resources available for our Spanish speaking students.  I created Kinder Latino in an effort to share ideas and resources with teachers who might feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of activities that they have to translate so frequently. It is my hope that my resources will help you save time when you are preparing your weekly lessons. 

If you are looking for resources in English, don't worry. My Kinder Alphabet blog has some ideas that you might be able to use if you teach young learners. I try to provide fun little activities that might motivate the little ones. 

Feel free to follow my blogs and start taking some goodies.  I look forward to sharing ideas and activities in Spanish, English and Dual Language.

Here are some freebies to get you started.

A Spanish freebie.

A freebie in English.

from Kinder Latino and Kinder Alphabet

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