NEW Sight Word Practice!

I am always looking for fun and innovative ways to teach and reinforce sight words since they play such an important roll in early reading success.  I thought I would share a few sight word statistics with you:

*12 Sight Words make up 25% of those we read and write
*100 Sight Words make up 50% of those we read and write
*About 300 Sight Words account for 75% of those we read and write!

Wow!  Needless to say, sight words are an important tool for reading success.  I wanted to create a printable that was both FUN and effective, so I create Sight Word Make-a-Match.  Kids can enjoy a little bit of coloring, cutting and pasting.  However, my favorite part about this printable is that there are various fonts, which will help children identify sight words in various real world context.

There are TWO different ways to use this printable, so hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to see it in action!  This printable is available in the Pre-Primer Edition, Primer Edition and 1st Grade Edition.

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