Online College Courses for High School

It seems to be more and more popular to use online college courses for high school credit these days. I have one child that is using the post secondary option at a local college for her entire senior year of high school. If you don't have a good college close by or if the colleges near you don't work with you, then online courses or CLEP tests might be the best option.

I have listed several colleges that I have heard will work with high school students allowing them to take online courses. The prices will vary depending on the school. For some families, the cost of college courses can be overwhelming. In that case, taking CLEP tests might be a better, more affordable option, for those students. Muddling through the CLEP process is not always easy either, so I have listed my favorite options for coaching a student through the CLEP process.

You can read my complete findings at Online College Courses for High School and see all that is available.

Online college courses for high school

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