Our Very Hungry Caterpillars

Technology has brought science to life- larger than life, in my classroom.  We are all about caterpillars at the moment and are very busy learning, observing, and explaining the process of metamorphosis.  Our caterpillars arrived about 10 days ago and they haven't stopped since they arrived.  They are entering into their chrysalis stage and my students are just so excited.  Every time someone comes into the room, they stop what they are doing to show and tell the visitor all about the caterpillars and what is going on inside that tiny clear cup.  Today when our principal came for a visit, I don't think she had expected to have 32 kindergartners explain the life cycle of the butterfly.  I loved watching them use the flannel board and the picture books to show her what stage our caterpillars were in.

Technology has really helped me grab my students attention and keep them engaged.  I am able to angle my Elmo lens so that the caterpillars can be projected onto the screen for all to see.  They truly are larger than life, larger than a kindergartner anyway.  Today they were very active.  I grabbed my phone to snap a photo and record some video, but oops, forgot to charge it.  Luckily we have adjoining doors, so I whipped open the door to the room next to me and grabbed Mr. C's phone.  I was able to grab some fabulous video.  Come by my blog to see for yourself.  I'm no George Lucas, but hey I was using a camera phone.  just click the photo below

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