Painting Blue Horses

Have you read Eric Carle's latest book...The Artist Who Painted Blue Horses? In it he encourages young children to explore their creative sides by using colors for animals that don't follow the "norm". There's a green lion, a yellow cow and more. Oh, and of course there is a blue horse! ;-)

Carle got his inspiration from the artist, Frans Marc who loved to paint animals with bright colors. During Marc's time, his paintings were highly criticised. But now his works are highly prized by art lovers all over the world. While at times I find myself wanting kids to paint/color realistic colors, this book opens up opportunities to foster and encourage a child's unique perspective on things.  Come on over to the Teachers' Lounge to see Eric Carle share his thoughts & inspiration about the book and see how I plan to use it to bring out the "inner artist" in my students:


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