Paper Bag Characterization

Do you still do book reports in your classroom?  I think I already know your answer ... the traditional book report is SO outdated - for both the students and the teacher.

Today my students presented their Paper Bag Character Assignments.  I LOVE this project, and so do my students.  I was so impressed with their final results this year - their assignments were amazing!  This project integrates reading, writing, and oral presentation skills - perfect for collecting marks this time of year.  The students must use supporting evidence and their own thinking to write about specific questions and prompts on the panels of the bag ... but my favourite part is what's on the inside.  Inside the bag are 10 items that symbolize their main character or important moment from the novel.  The students share these items in a brief oral presentation, discussing the significance of each item they chose.  I was WOWED by their insights today ... maybe they have been listening all along.  ;)

Come on over to my blog to read a little more about our Paper Bag Character Reports, and take a close-up peek at some of their fantastic projects.

Happy Friday!!!

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