Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me!

Raise your hand if at some point you have had {or currently have} a can of some sort on your desk with a popsicle stick for each student in your class's name on it? 
Wow.....look at all those hands!!!

When I first started teaching 20 years ago I always had a coffee can 
full of popsicle sticks with my students name on them sitting on my desk . 
When I needed to ask a question, I simply pulled a stick from 
the can to randomly choose a student.  

Thankfully my old coffee can is now long gone because there are now tons
 of great options for selecting students ONLINE!  

They are super easy to use and so much fun- for both you and for your students
and have lots of options to help you customize them to your preferences. 

I use these tools in my classroom with my students but also when I'm training teachers. 
Most allow you to enter a large number of names so I've even used them for a school wide staff development session to pick door prizes! 

Keep in mind that these tools don't have to be limited to just names.  

You can enter:
  •  lists of numbers
  • vocabulary words
  • research paper topics
  • characters in a story
  • basically anything you can create a list of! 

The possibilities are truly endless!
Come on over to see these great resources! 

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