Pirate Treasure Spelling Freebie...

Hi everyone! Even though I am on a 2 week school break, I am still happy to see the weekend as it means our whole family is at home! Which also means, that I have had some kiddie -free time to finally sit down and type up my Pirate Treasure Spelling packet!

I use this in class with my 1st and 2nd graders and they really, really love it! I use it as a spelling centre during our literacy session. My gorgeous kiddos also ask to use it when they finish early, and yep believe it... even during free choice on a Friday afternoon before home time - so proud of the choices they make!!

I made pirate treasure gems using white sticky dots and clear glass gems and they are easily stored in a recycled coffee tin or even a Pringles container!

The Pirate Treasure Spelling packet consists of a storage label, 2 different recording sheets and (if you can't find any clear glass gems) it also includes alphabet circles that you can print on yellow cardstock, cut and laminate to use as your pirate treasure gems.

If you are looking for another spelling centre to add to your collection, then please pop on over to my blog, Good Morning Mrs Rubie! where you can find the link to download the PDF.

Happy weekend to everyone!

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