Poster to Center 1, 2, 3!

Friends~I am always getting posters from different companies and they are great but my wall space is limited.  Plus the Fire Marshall is not a fan of mine:)  I finally found a way to make these posters work for me!  I am turning them into centers!  This week a took a poster from last year...yep I found it in my mapping folder when I started planning last week.

I took my scissors to it and added a few springs!

My kiddos have been loving labeling the map features with the springs.  I kid you not, the only thing I did was cut, laminate, and put the map labels on metal springs that I got at Home Depot.  
Below is a close up of the springs!

You can grab a set by clicking the image below.  I also use them to hold name tags on my kiddos desk's.  Plus they work great for adding directions to centers and displaying diagrams!

Be sure to check out my unit My World Around Me! 
 Just click the image below!
There is a FREE Compass Rose activity to download too!

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