Properties of Addition and Multiplication Foldables FREEBIE

Are you tired of freebies yet??! I have another one for ya!! :)

You may have come across pictures of my math notebooks at one time or another. We made the following foldable back in the fall when we studied some of the properties of multiplication. We wrote about each property and included examples underneath the flaps.

I have uploaded this foldable for you to download for FREE. The foldable is pre-typed and is sized to fit into a spiral or composition notebook. We covered all of the multiplication properties except for the associative property. I know some of you may cover that one as well so I included a second foldable with the associative property on it, in case you need it on there. I ALSO included a bonus foldable for the properties of addition, same format. Click on the pic below to grab your copy--enjoy! :)

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