Sensory Fun for All Ages!

I absolutely love sensory activities. Especially those that you can create with children. Today, I'd like to share one of my favorite sensory creations with you. This sensory bottle looks a lot like the water in the ocean. The kids love making their bottles, and also enjoy talking about the different shades of color they see in their bottles. 

Do you want to find out how to make one? Okay! Then let's get to it!

What you will need is: White Vinegar, Cooking Oil, an Empty Water Bottle (Or an Empty Decorative Bottle), and Food coloring (preferably blue). I used blue, even though I have purple in the picture too.
Optional ingredients: You can add small plastic fish or mermaids, sea shells, and glitter to them too. If you would like. 

Now, what you will want to do is fill your empty bottle half full with white vinegar and add a few drops of food coloring in with it. (I only filled mine a little bit, because I have younger kids). Then you will fill the rest of your bottle with cooking oil. Make sure to secure your lid on tightly. If you are using a decorative bottle (with a cork), I would recommend using a hot glue gun to secure the lid on tightly. By doing so, it will help keep the water from evaporating. After you have added your cooking oil and have the lid on, you will want to shake the bottle so all of the ingredients mix together. Below is a picture of what mine looked like after I had shook it.

I have made a lot of these sensory bottles, with kids of all ages. They all seem to enjoy it, and so have the teachers that I have had the privilege of working with! If you choose to make one, let me know how it goes for you and your kids. I would love to hear from you! You can find more sensory creations on my blog. Thanks again for reading!

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