Sight Word Assessment (freebie)

I thought I would take a minute to share with you guys how I manage sight word assessment with my students.  Last year, I had started off having my students read down a list as I checked the words off on my own list.  But I felt like a big old list of words could be overwhelming for my special ed students.  So I came up with this set-up, which works much better for me.

Basically, I made a powerpoint with a black background and wrote letters in a white font.  Very simple really.  I posted a video on my blog of me doing an assessment so you can see how it works {click here} to check it out.

Our district has our Kindergarten students learn 70 sight words during the year.  Is that normal?  How many are your Kindergarteners expected to learn?  

I set the order of the slides up so the words are the same order as on the assessment form.  I've posted the powerpoint and assessment form that I use as a free download on blog {click here}.  You can change the words on the powerpoint to whatever words you use for your school, also.  I'd love to hear how you manage assessment!

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