Sight Words at Home

Sight word instruction is important in building the foundational skills of our little literacy learners.  Sight words are sometimes referred to as high frequency words because they occur frequently in all texts.  These words need to be recognized automatically because many of them go against the "rules" of the English language and their sounds cannot be stretched out (decoded).

The students I teach are not meeting grade level benchmarks in kindergarten, first, and second grade and need as much practice and reinforcement as they can get to help increase their sight word vocabularies. Many of the posts I write share the different activities I do with my students to help build their sight word vocabularies.  

I found that when I was typing out my report cards this quarter, that I was suggesting to parents to practice the sight words at home.  The students I work with benefit from the extra practice they get from my instruction after working hard in their classrooms.  But we all know the positive impact parental involvement has on a child's academic success.  Suggesting to work on something is great, but what if they do not know what to do or need additional ideas?

So instead of just suggesting to practice the words, I decided to compile a short list of simple activities that parents can do to help their children learn sight words and am including in when I send home my report cards.

Come on by to grab a copy.  While there, I would love to hear the different ideas you have to develop sight word vocabularies or  encourage  parents to get involved.

~ Mrs. McKown

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