Student-Teacher Mini Reading Conference & Freebie Friday!

This week I was working hard on finishing up the last of my grad school projects.
One of them was an Action Research Project.
My project was focused on motivating students to value reading for leisure.
I know many of us struggle with that issue and we all want our kids to read more.
I'm a firm believer that we have so many struggling readers today because somewhere between
2nd-5th grade all the fun was taking out of reading.
We treat reading as a noun, as a subject that we have to teach, where it is actually a verb,
something that we do!!!

Little kids start out school psyched about books, wanting to learn new information, and wanting to learn to read. What happend in elementary school that they loose their passion for it?!?

I have to tell you... I became a teacher BECAUSE I'm a reader! Reading has alway been my passion and books are my very best friends! They got me through the worst and best times of my life.

As I became a middle school reading teacher I reflected on that idea and tried to figure out why was it that I loved to read & the kids didn't?!?

You know what?!?! I found the answer!!! School KILL the passion for reading!

We force the kids to read the basal and little guided readers, or certain novels. We dictate what they read instead of giving them choice!

Why should I care what they read as long as they read?!?

I LOVE reading because its my choice to do so and not because I'm forced too.

Have you read - The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child 
by Donalyn Miller and Jeff Anderson ?!?!?!?!

If you haven't it's a MUST!!!!

It matches my personal philosophy perfectly.

So with that concept in mind I created a little intervention, Student-Teacher Mini Reading Conference for my Action Research Plan that 

 I will use these two forms as a recording tool for mini student-teacher conference to get to know my students better and build a personal relationship as I discover their interests, hobbies, reading habits, and preferences. I will use the information to identify and locate books, magazines, poetry, and other reading materials to match up texts to the students interests and motivate them to value reading for leisure.

If I can understand my students, their needs, their interest, and preferences better I can help them find books they love to read and provide them with choice.

Every year my battle is not the students comprehension level but rather their attitude towards reading.
If I can get them to love they'll do it more and their comprehension will improve.
They only way students will read more is if we help them find books they are actually interested in.

Begin the year with the initial form, and proceed with the follow up every 2-3 weeks. 

click on the image to grab this freebie!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!


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