A Substitute Teacher, so Why Not a Substitute Easter Bunny

Thanks to Welcome to Room 36 blog, I found the perfect Easter activity for the second graders in my long-term subbing class. We have just started persuasive writing, and on Pinterest I found the cutest Easter Bunny Application and thought that would work just perfectly! And boy did it! I fed the students a background story to set the scene, and they got to work trying to convince the Easter Bunny they would make the best substitute.

And as I was making copies, another teacher saw what I was doing and asked where I got it. I answered Pinterest, of course. And she replied, "Who needs curriculum when you have Pinterest?" Ha! That's kind of correct, though. I am constantly amazed at the high quality materials I find on teacher blogs through Pinterest. How ever did teachers teach before the age of blogs, teacher stores, and Pinterest? Ha!

Go visit Sub Hub to read the details of our day. The students were quite impressive. And find a link to the application itself.

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