Tackling Text Features

Throughout the year, my class has been heavy into test prep....although they have no idea that is actually what we are doing.  Each lesson I teach, in language arts, math, even social studies and science, has test prep embedded into it.  So when it was time to teach text features, I took a page out of my "embed" playbook and did the same thing.  My students are having so much fun looking at the text features, and creating the products with them, that they have no idea we are actually prepping for The TEST!

teachinginroom6.blogspot.comWe have been creating foldables, text feature reference books, and looking at actual released questions to get across the point that these text features are actually put in books (and on The TEST) to HELP us.  By learning about their uses, my students are actually seeing that these easily skipped over portions of text can be filled with valuable information.

Come over to my blog to see exactly how I am teaching these text features.  Come learn how to make the foldable my students all have and wish us luck on our upcoming test (which starts in one week!)

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