Taking Math Outside!

How do you reach the kinesthetic learners in your classroom?  In the older grades, it's sometimes more difficult to convince these bigger bodies to get up and move (where YOU want them to) ... but with multiple intelligences in the classroom, it's a necessity.  This year I have a very kinesthetic class and they NEED hands-on activities to grasp the learning.  I have 22 students, 17 of which are boys.  With the snow finally gone, and the sun finally shining, I've been able to take advantage of the nicer weather, and we've been taking our math OUTSIDE!

On Monday we learned Order of Operations through hopscotch.  Combining movement and a rhythm to the words is a sure way to help my students remember these steps.

We then used up the rest of our sidewalk chalk solving order of operation problems on the basketball court.

Today we started our new geometry unit.  After learning about the different kinds of angles (and creating a FABULOUS foldable), we took our learning outside and "built" angles and polygons with our bodies.  Isn't this a fantastic acute angle?

To read a little bit more about how we took math outside this week, and see a video of our order of operations hopscotch, come on over and visit my blog.


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