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Hi Y'all!!!  This is Lisa from Live Laugh and Love to Learn.  I teach second grade math/science/social studies/ and English.  

I want to start by saying Happy Easter.  I hope everyone is enjoying their day.  I am enjoying a yummy crawfish boil with family!

This week was Spring Break and I thoroughly enjoyed bumming around relaxing at home.  Why is it that I counted the days until Spring Break, but then spent a ridiculous amount of time doing school related stuff??  I just can't turn my brain off.
I spent a lot of time pinning great ideas too.  One fabulous idea that I see pinned over and over is a Boggle Board.  
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Well.......I've been wanting a Boggle Board, but I really don't need a Boggle Board since I have a super ridiculously short English block, and there is absolutely NO TIME to get ANYTHING done!!  BUT, I started thinking about making a math board, and came up with.....

wait for it........

Add It Up
I know not very creative, but I literally racked my brain for hours trying to come up with a cutie patootie name!

Owl graphics courtesy of Print Candee

My plans are to have my students choose 2 numbers from the board and add them up!  I have several students in each class that are early finishers--ALL THE TIME!! :)  They just "get" whatever we are doing!  I hate to give them extra work, so I thought I'd make the board an early finisher activity with an added incentive.  I'm going to let the students turn in their add it up sheet each week to earn tickets to our school-wide positive behavior store.  The more addition problems they work (correctly), the more tickets they can earn.  Even my kiddos that take every bit of instructional time to complete their math work will still have before school begins and during dismissal to work!  I'm just going to have them use loose-leaf paper, since our copies are counted....and I ALWAYS run out!!

I don't know about y'all, but my kiddos seem to have COMPLETELY forgotten how to add with regrouping!!!  Don't even get me started on subtraction!!  UUUGGHHHHH....
Hopefully, I can sneak in a little practice without them catching on!!

After a couple of weeks, I'll erase the numbers and add new ones.
I'm super excited about the board, and think that my awesome kiddos will be too!  

I am honored to be featured here on TBA!

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