Teachers Notebook's New Site- Whoa!!!

Today feels like the first day of school! I can almost smell the new boxes of crayons and sharpened pencils. Teachers Notebook has launched their new site, and I've never seen a teacher resource like this before! 

Have you seen it yet? If not, you better hop on over ASAP. (Please note: You may not want to leave there for a very long time with all the new options to explore. It's as addicting as blog-hopping!) 

Here is a quick peek below.
Talk about being appealing to educators and easy to navigate!
Teachers will absolutely LOVE it!

 There are two teacher forums- one for all members and one for shop owners- to collaborate and share ideas.

 Shop owners can promote their giveaways. How cool is that!

 Did you want to have a big sale? You can pick whatever percentage you'd like to discount. How about shopping during a sale? That's even better!

There is a video section from some of the best teachers around.

 Okay, just sit down before you read this next part. Teachers Notebook even has a document builder. It launches in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait to try it out! It is supposed to be easier to use than any other program available. I need this! Thank you!

Still my favorite part is that teachers keep ALL the proceeds! That means lower prices for shoppers and higher profits for teachers who create products.
Everyone wins at Teachers Notebook!

Here are a few more things store owners can now do:
-add links to facebook page, twitter page and pinterest boards
-record an About My Shop video
-email buyers (all buyers or buyers of specific items)
-email followers (shop followers, blog followers, all item followers or specific item followers)
-add a giveaway widget for their blogs

See why I feel like it's the first day of school with so many new options and additions! And to think Teachers Notebook has accomplished all of this in 10 months. That is absolutely incredible! I can't wait to see where the next ten months will lead!

So what are you waiting for, hop on over to Teachers Notebook right away and have some fun exploring! 

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