Teaching Magnets?! - Freebie Friday!

Happy Friday, TBA friends!  We made it!  

This week, my kids and I have been learning about magnets.  We've been doing lots of hands-on exploration.  They've been using bar magnets to figure out why certain objects are attracted to the magnet and why other objects repel.  Watching the kids discover these answers has been nothing short of amazing!  They've made intelligent predictions which led to incredible observations.  

To help my kids keep track of these discoveries and observations, I've created two freebies for you to snag!  The first will allow your kids to explore why poles attract and repel.  The second will allow your kids to explore different objects and if they are attracted to a magnet or not.  

Click the picture to head over to my blog and download the freebies!  Hope your kids have fun exploring!

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