Testing Tips for Teachers and Students

Teachers are busy preparing for tests this time of year. Four years ago, I wrote a post for parents on how to help their children take tests, and I wanted to share a helpful tip from that post with you. 

One the of the most overlooked tips that can be VERY helpful in having your children/students perform to their best abilities on tests is having them drink at least one glass of water. A child is naturally dehydrated when he wakes up in the morning, and since the brain is eighty percent water, it cannot function to its maximum potential until it gets enough fluid to replenish it.  Therefore, health experts recommend that all children drink at least one glass of water every morning, in addition to their breakfast drink. Water is the only beverage that will quench the brain.

Dehydration also leads to learning problems since thirst increases cortisol levels, which makes paying attention to tasks much more difficult. Research shows that within five minutes of drinking plain water, cortisol levels decrease and attention levels increase. Isn't that amazing?

My own physician even gave me that advice years ago. He said to function best in the morning, drink lots of water first thing after waking up. It all makes so much sense but I never knew this for many years as an educator. It was one of those things that I wish someone would have told me when I began teaching (or even when I was younger and taking tests or completing long assignments myself). 

Now when I see my kids having difficulty focusing on assignments (not just tests), I ask them to drink a glass of water. If you're a classroom teacher, send them for a BIG drink of water or have those little disposable cups available in your classroom before (not during) taking tests or when you see difficulties on focusing. I would even have students get a drink of water when they first arrive at school to avoid the bathroom issue. Water really makes a difference!

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