Time Out Tuesday!

Jellybeans For The Teacher!

PURPLE is for the dedication you show.

GREEN is because you have helped me grow.

BLACK is for the good you see.

ORANGE is because you believe in me.

YELLOW is for goals set high.

WHITE is because you've helped me fly.

RED is for the heart you share.

PINK is because I know you care.

A bag full of jellybeans, from me to you.

To THANK YOU for all you do!

Written by Mrs. Coe

This Time Out Tuesday is in honor of Teaching Blog Addict celebrating one year of inspiration and ideas and dedicated to all of the teachers, from all walks of life, that share their love of teaching, ideas and encouragement with all of us. Our combined efforts have made a difference in classrooms near and far.

{click image for a downloadable version and candy-bag label}

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